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Weekly Jodi & Panel Chart

Weekly Penal or Patti From 21-11-2022 To 27-11-2022 For All Market
1=>236-489-380-146 2=>147-237-480-570 3=>238-157-148-580 4=>789-680-149-248 5=>159-357-258-113 6=>259-123-600-114 7=>269-368-467-223 8=>369-170-260-116 9=>117-270-360-180 0=>280-370-460-136
Weekly Line Open To Close From 21-11-2022 to 27-11-2022 For All Market
Mon. 0-5-1-6 Tue. 2-7-0-5 Wed. 3-8-1-6 Thu. 2-7-0-5 Fri. 1-6-4-9 Sat. 3-8-5-0 Sun. 3-8-4-9
Weekly Jodi Chart Form 21-11-2022 to 27-11-2022 For All Market
Mon. 38 39 34 35 Tue. 43 48 45 40 Wed. 97 93 95 98 Thu. 86 87 89 88 Fri. 53 56 58 59 Sat. 23 25 26 27
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Is the full Satta Market shown on the Satta Matka chart?

Yes, the satta matka chart includes data for every Satta Matka market, including those for Milan Day, Milan Night, King of Gali Satta, King of Kalyan Matka Bazar, King of Satta Today, King of Satta Jodi, King of Night Be-Syndicate, etc. The Satta Matka betting platform, where many wager to make extra money, is located on the Sattamatka chart. This game is built around math, formulae, and math. All satta markets are represented on the sattamatka chart. No matter what they want to see in this Satta Matka chart, all users can instantly obtain any Satta Result.