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Satta Matka Results
347 - 4 -
(11:30 AM 12:30 PM)
Panel Jodi
236 - 13 - 238
(01:00 PM 02:00 PM)
Panel Jodi
357 - 56 - 268
(01:30 PM 02:30 PM)
Panel Jodi
668 - 07 - 449
(03:00 PM 05:00 PM)
Panel Jodi
350 - 84 - 257
(03:15 PM 05:15 PM )
Panel Jodi
400 - 47 - 368
(03:45 PM 05:45 PM)
Panel Jodi
दिनांक :- 19/01/2023 सिर्फ एक गेम बदलेगा आपकी जिंदगी जो आज तक हमसे जुड़ा है वो सिर्फ एक बार में मालामाल हुआ है सीधे मुंबई मटका ऑफिस के मैनेजर से लिक गेम सिर्फ 1 ओपन 1 जोड़ी और 2 पत्ती अचूक होगी हमारे द्वारा दिया गया अंक और जोड़ी पैसा वापसी की ग्यारंटी के साथ बुकिंग किया जाता है फिक्स जोड़ी डायरेक्ट सट्टा ब्रांच से लिक गेम अपना पूरा लाॅस अब एक दिन में कवर करें गेम पास की गारंटी 100% जो भाई कहते हैं कि गेम पास नहीं होता है वो जरूर संपर्क करें Membership Charges Only VIP 1 दिन = 3500/- VVIP 1 हफ़्ते = 5500/- काॅल टाइम सुबह 08:30 बजे से 03:30 बजे तक ट्रायल डेमो और फ्री गेम वाले काॅल मैसेज ना करे Call And Whatsapp ☞ मटका ऑफीस मुंबई ☜ ☎ +919309251732
468 - 86 - 457
(07:00 PM 08:00 PM)
Panel Jodi
689 - 38 - 440
(08:30 PM 10:30 PM)
Panel Jodi
370 - 03 - 148
(09:00 PM 11:00 PM)
Panel Jodi
137 - 11 - 146
(09:20 PM 11:25 PM)
Panel Jodi
138 - 23 - 148
(09:30 PM 11:45 PM)
Panel Jodi
113 - 52 - 237
(09:40 PM 12:05 AM)
Panel Jodi
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Matka Boss

How does boss Matka's pot open?

The range begins with boss Matka and extends from its headquarters. Assume the headquarters are in Mumbai. To begin, the content placed through you is routed to the small bookie. Every little bookie sends those assigned numbers to the big bookies. Then, all of the massive bookies compile the statistics of those numbers and send them to Satta Matta Matka's main office. Concurrently, the records of these new coins and ranges are filtered. The coins are currently visible in the minutest detail. That range is chosen for the content that receives far fewer coins. This opened range is given to the bookie, and everyone receives it.

Matka boss

BossMatka creates opportunities for sports and winning and is well-known throughout the world. The Boss Matka is very helpful in generating the right amount of money in a much shorter period of time and with the right amount of luck. The game literally assists you in getting away from the annoying times and into some real action of generating a large amount of money. Although the game is heavily reliant on luck, there is some knowledge that should be gained to avoid future losses.

What is necessary to play Matka 420?

Playing Matka 420 only requires more difficult calculations to be made while the game is being played. You can win the Matka 420 by selecting the right number at the right time and by being lucky or lucky. In the realm of sports, it is a highly well-known game that everyone pays attention to. It is a highly popular sport for many because of the advantages of making the most money in the shortest amount of time. It is impossible to lose if Indian Matka is played correctly, safely, and securely, so long as those conditions are met.

What are the advantages of Matka Bosss?

Because this technique isn't widely used, even if you master it once, you won't have to learn the entire Matka game. Friends will soon be able to master the boss's matka. After the first game of Satta Matka, you'll need a strategy to win the rest. It also lacks the Matka Matka boss from the Kalyan Matka and the way to defeat the Matka as effectively as the Satta game. If you can win the first time, you will win the next time. This is why you must perfect the technique.

What you can see in your online Satta Matka 420 game?

Satta Matka 420 is a type of Satta Matka game that allows players to earn a large sum of money online in a short period of time. To earn cash prizes, however, proper strategies and tricks are required.

Our website contains all of the details and provides players with all of the information they require about the game, such as guidelines and gambling strategies. Our website will allow players to try their luck at a high level, which can earn you large sums of money. Selecting the most reputable site is crucial whether you're interested in playing Kalyan Matka, Matka Boss, or Satta Matka 420 because it will give you the best gaming experience and guarantee the security of the money you invest.

What Should You Know Before Playing the Online Game Boss Matka Market?

The finest technique to get a quick result in boss matka will also be covered by this expert. Examples of boss matka games are Kalyanmatka and satta boss matka. Many people search for "satta boss matka web" or "satta boss matka com" on Google, but you can find trustworthy, timely news about satta and every game-related detail on our site. We provide you the most dependable website to play boss matka games in a fun and secure manner. You can look through our many options, including games such as boss matka, boss matka Bazar, and boss matka kalyan matka. boss matka free game matka boss 143 live bossmatka results, the fastest matka result boss matka Jodi fixes boss matka Jodi, boss satta Jodi, and a slew of others. We also have today's satta matka results - bossMatta, as well as weekly Jodi and indian matka results, including boss matka free and suggestions.

Satta Matka's History

Betting on the daily price of cotton as determined by the Bombay and New York Cotton Exchanges is one of the starting points of Indian Matka betting. Matka Satka, also known as Satta King, is a popular lottery-style game nowadays. It entails picking random numbers in the hopes of finding the ideal number combination. The winner develops into the Satta King, and they inherit the reward fund's maturity.

Whatever became of the amazing Ratan Khatri, the Matka King? He had to cease playing after being apprehended in 1995; now, inmates are in charge. He fixed the numbers and loved such a great deal. Khatri continues to bet on horses at the course for only 5–10 Rs. as of right now. a serious offence. However, among Mumbai's Satta Matka games, his name continues to be incredible.


Big-time admirers remember the times when Ratan would have celebrities select drawings for him as they played this game. Since then, the majority of the game's after has been lost. Indians prefer to place faster-paced bets on live seller clubs or cricket matches on their smart phones.

The Satta Matka Theory

In satka matka, terminology is used.

You must detect or see several such terms in Matka Satka. The most important one is "matka," but many other words, such as single, Jodi, Patti, SP, D.P., Boss Matka, T.P., and so on, are used in Satta Matka, which is discussed further below.

(Matka): A "clay pot" is used to make "matka," as earlier, numbers were drawn with such a tool. Single: A place with a Single is any digit used in wagering that falls between 0 and 9. Any attempt to enter two digits between 00 and 99.99 is referred to as a Jodi/Even.

Patti/Virgo: These 3-digit types are known as Patti/Virgo after 3 digits are present in the bet result. The only number utilized is the three-digit collection number.

The Matka betting result is split into two parts: the open result and the closed result. The first half of the fragment is marked "Open Result," and the second half is marked "Close Result."

SP/DP/TP: S.P. stands for "Single Patti," as in 345; "displaced person," as in 335; and "triple Patti," as in 333; The Patti Cycle, also known as the C.P., is the last two digits of the Patti. For instance, the Patti Cycle is 57 when the probability of the Patti is 2|two|trials57 is off.

Farak is the difference between a close result and, consequently, an open outcome. For instance, 9-3=2 is considered "freak" until the Jodi/couple is 39. Brij: The last digit of the Jodi/Pair quantity is Brij. (For example, if the pair is 69, 6+9=15, the previous number is 5; Berij is 3;)

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